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About Us

We’re experienced, enthusiastic, qualified teachers running incursions in both VIC, NSW & ACT

Why choose Supreme Incursions?

We are passionate about hands on learning!


Our Mission:

Supreme Incursions is committed to delivering high quality, hands on educational experiences to children of all ages and walks of life. Supreme Incursions is also committed to providing great employment opportunities to outstanding teachers, and providing Professional Development to our clients.

Meet the Team

  • Ryan
    The Director With The Jazz Hands And Crazy Ideas
    Innovation is his ongoing focus, as well as keeping up to date with curriculum changes and applying our 'Wow' factor in everything that we do (he loves the jazz hands). He has dedicated years to educating teachers on the positive impact of hands-on learning, ensuring that we as a company continue to be the leaders in our field.
  • Mel
    The Director With The Funny Accent
    Mel has 11+ years of teaching experience, starting out in Physical Education and dance. Mel Loves to stir things up with her twisted humour but also cares about the companies systematic structure. This includes reflecting on feedback, improvements and innovation. Consequently, the customer experience and student engagement remains her number 1 priority.
  • Brent
    VIC Manager And The One With The Dr. Hibbert Laugh
    Brent is a ball of energetic inspiration, his teaching style is playful and creative. He has impacted thousands of students over his 10 years of teaching, and he is our maestro. He has built life long partnerships with teachers across Australia and shares this knowledge delivering PD's to our team along with external schools.
  • Camille
    The One With The Best Job! (She Buys Everything!)
    Our real-life Peter Pan, Camille is a secondary Physical Education teacher. Her clever ideas, awesome organisational skills and creative flair has impacted our success in so many ways. Thanks to Camille, all our Incursion equipment is top notch and regularly reviewed. She keeps us accountable, and we are so grateful to have her on the team.
  • Daniella
    The kindest Dancing Queen we know!
    A calm, fun and effective educator, Daniella brings many years of Secondary teaching experience. She is incredibly empathetic and caring, and she is our Supreme Dancing Queen! Thanks to the depths of Daniella's dancing knowledge, we can now provide our dance Incursions consecutively for an entire term!
  • Bella
    The practical, organised one, with tons of great ideas
    Bella has 10+ years of teaching experience. She has a calm teaching style, yet equally super silly. The children just love her. She cares greatly about our quality, and is forever making powerful improvements to Incursions. She also feeds the team regularly with amazing sweet treats in staff meetings!
  • Alice
    The One With A Heart Of Gold
    Alice is extremely excited to be part of the team in NSW. She is a primary school teacher originally from Melbourne with a passion for hands-on learning. Alice brings her enthusiasm, positivity and love of learning to each incursion.
  • Carol
    Admin Legend, Support, Seamstress, Agony Aunt.........
    Carol has many years of administration experience. She has worked as a teacher's aide in Special Developmental Schools and as a qualified Diversional Therapist. Carol organises ... well, just about everything! She thrives on helping others and regularly attends our Incursions so that she can support customer requirements most effectively.
  • Em
    The One With A Million Secret Skills
    Em is an extremely reliable, supportive and organised individual. She will always go out her way to try to help. Em is experienced in inclusive education. She is also a strength and conditioning footy coach in her spare time, along with a million other things. Her passion and energy is infectious and she is a pleasure to be around.
  • Manda
    The Wacky, Theatrical, Energetic One!
    Manda is a student and teacher of the world, having worked in education throughout four continents! With degrees in education and drama as well as certifications in TESOL and budding horticulture, she loves to learn. Excelling in eco-arts and theatre, Manda is so fun and energetic. And when she teaches, it is impossible to not want to learn.
  • Matt
    The TESOL Expert And The Infectiously Fun One
    Matt is our TESOL expert and he is extremely passionate about hands-on learning. His inquisitive nature and love for learning is what makes him such a critical part of our development. He teaches with pride and passion and inspires everyone. Our outstanding lesson plans and differentiation is thanks to this guy.
  • Pontus
    NSW Manager And The Joker Of The Pack
    Working for 8 years as a teacher in Sweden, Pontus is a multilingual, empathetic and humours teacher. He is an excellent role model, inspiring both students and teachers. He has much experience in working with group dynamics, ethics and morals. Leading the way in NSW, Pontus sets a high bench mark for NSW Incursion standards.
  • Ryan D
    The One In A Band That Says It How It Is
    Ryan’s style is calm and concise. A student that never left school. This passion for learning has immersed him into all that is 'education'. He provides reliability, honest feedback and 'outside the box' ideas. Having Ryan on our team means that we can expect the 'care factor' to remain within our entire team, Incursion content and student experiences.


Ryan was terrific, had all of the kids engaged. There were cries from the kids at the end ‘that it was the best excursion ever’

Alphington Primary School

It was a very engaging experience for our students, particularly those students typically difficult to engage.

St. Mary's Dandenong

The children, myself and other staff members had a great time with the shelter incursion. I really liked the way the incursion was planned and carried out THANKS AGAIN BRENT and SUPREME INCURSIONS!

Montpellier PS

Thank you Brent for your organisation and enthusiasm with our Billy Carts incursion. Our students had a fantastic time and loved the hands on activities you provided.

St Kevins PS, Hampton Park

Mel was amazing, the quality of resources and knowledge was impressive. The kids were absolutely buzzing after and we have now set up a Tinkering area in the room for the rest of the unit. Inspiring and thorough, Mel was great with managing the kids and having them engaged. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!!

Blackburn Lake PS

It was extremely well presented and facilitated. My class enjoyed it immensely. Melissa did an absolutely outstanding job.

Gardenvale PS

Very positive, engaging experience. Very well organised with explicit instructions. It was inclusive, all of our students with special needs had a great time. The kids had a ball and I believe that they all learnt something about teamwork and resilience. Thank you!

Oscar Romero PS

The incursion today engaged even the most disinterested students and was enjoyed by all participants. I will definitely be including mindfulness and meditation into my classroom practice after today!

Keilor PS

Ryan was fabulous, he engaged the students and had them excited to learn. The incursion was a great introduction into circuits and the students where buzzing with their learning back in the classroom. Thank you!

Antonio Park PS

I can’t praise Gabbie highly enough. She quickly established rapport with the students and had them captivated for the entire session!

Heathdale Christian College