About Us

We’re experienced, enthusiastic, qualified teachers running incursions in both VIC, NSW & ACT

Why choose Supreme Incursions?

We are passionate about hands on learning!


Our Mission:

Supreme Incursions is committed to delivering high quality, hands on educational experiences to children of all ages and walks of life. Supreme Incursions is also committed to providing great employment opportunities to outstanding teachers, and providing Professional Development to our clients.

Meet the Team

  • Ryan
    The ideas man for all that encompasses hands on learning. Ryan has contributed hugely to the success of supreme's engaging and curriculum linked incursions. He has dedicated years to educating teachers on the positive impact of hands on learning within the classroom.
  • Mel
    Mel has over 10 years of experience in the finesses industry, secondary PE, primary and dance teaching. She is passionate about hand on learning and determined in their vision to provide a hand on learning opportunity to all schools within VIC, NSW and ACT.
  • Brent
    NSW Manager
    With a Masters in Primary Education Brent is a ball of energetic inspiration for all. He has impacted thousands of students over the years creating positive attitudes and memories within education. He has built life long partnerships with many NSW teachers and uses his diverse teaching abilities to provide them with personal development opportunities.
  • Claire
    West Vic Area Manager
    This Yoga guru uses her passion for mindfulness and yoga to connect with the health and wellbeing curriculum and inspires other teachers to do so. Claire is dedicated to increasing hands on education within the western suburbs of Victoria and provided more and more schools with this opportunity every single day.
  • Megan
    We simply would not get anything done without her. The font of knowledge of all things ‘incursions’ and a secret detective we are sure of it.
  • Camille
    Secondary Physical Education Teacher who’s ideas, organisational skills and creative flair has impacted the success of Supreme Incursions in so many ways over the years.
  • Daniella
    A huge amount of secondary teaching experience, a calm effective educator and the dancing queen of the team. World dance and Hip Hop is all thanks to her.
  • Lauryn
    Lauryn uses her wacky and wonderful sense of humor to engage students. Her excellent literature skills and creative flair is utilised within our resources, lesson plans and our social media. Supreme Incursions wouldn't be the same without her.
  • Laura
    There is simply no one quite like Laura. Extremely experienced in hands on Education, kind and hilariously amusing for all teachers and students.
  • Riley
    Our Smiling Assassin- a Canadian teacher with a passion for hands on teaching,
    travel and laughter. A role model for positivity in the classroom.
  • Dani
    Dani is an empathetic and calm teacher. Her soft voice has meant that she has developed many alternative class management strategies of which are inspirational to others. She has a constant desire to learn and improve which has contributed largely to staff moral within our team. She is loved by everyone.
  • Gabbie
    Gabbie is our English gem. She is the newest member to our VIC team and has already set about her training. She cares so much about delivering a perfectly engaging incursion and has shown this already in her attitude to learn and dedication towards her work
  • Hollie
    Hollie is an extremely reliable and organised teacher who quite quickly became our science expert. Her dry humor is enjoyed by all and we are so grateful to have her on our team.
  • Jennifer
    We welcome our newest edition to the team. We are so excited to have Jennifer on board and a part of our fast growing team in NSW. Jennifer has already shown her true dedication to the team, throwing herself into full time team supreme fun. She is bubbly, fun and very loyal.
  • Matt
    Matt is our TESOL expert and extremely passionate about hands on learning. His inquisitive nature and love for learning is what makes Matt such a critical part of our development. He teaches with pride and passion and he has quickly become an inspiration for all our teaching staff.


Just a quick note to say how fantastic Ben was yesterday at running the Making Recycled Instruments incursion at St Theresa's.
The kids were so engaged and the content and discussion has acted as a springboard for them to take into further learning.
Thanks once again!
The 1/2 Team at St Theresa's

St Theresa's PS, Albion. VIC

The Incursion engaged our typically difficult to engage students, especially our students with Autism, ODD, ADD and ADHD. It was a wonderful incursion which left all our students with smiles on their faces. Thank you for a wonderful day!

McCallums Hill PS, Vanessa

Really great, met the children's needs, developmentally appropriate and extended the children well. All children were engaged at all times which was fabtastic!

Wyndarra Children's Centre

teachwithme_ #supremeincursionscame and delivered the goods with our #shelterbuilding incursion. Jamie was amazing and the kids absolutely loved it. Their end response was "Can we do this every week?!" they loved it - Thank you!! Recommend if you need a Geography link, fits perfectly to our curriculum.
Instagram, Kayla Hart

Galilee PS, South Melbourne

All students had a great time during the incursion. You guys are doing a fantastic job. Maybe to expand your incursions you should look into offering 'circus skills' or 'boot camp' style incursions.

Feliz Cakar, Glen Waverley South Primary School

Absolutely all students were fully engaged. The Instructor was amazing and he did so well managing the students and ensuring they took out the most out of your program. THANK YOU!

Ilim College, Glenroy

All of the grade fours loved the Billy Carts incursion today! Andy was a great presenter and the students thoroughly enjoyed all of the rotations. They consolidated their learning in a fun and interactive way! I have written a blog post for my class blog about the incursion if you'd like to look at it http://missjordan.global2.vic.edu.au/2014/11/21/billy-carts-incursion/ Thanks for organising the incursion for us!

Kelly Jordan

The variety of different activities, incorporating visual, hands on and physical engaged all students.

Camberwell South PS

Thank you so much
Our students and staff members had a fantastic time and really appreciated the exciting and positive manner that the incursion was conducted in.

Jessica Brown

Love this company! Always hands on for the kids and directed at their level. They have so much fun but also learn to create and collaborate. Thanks Ryan for another great visit. Please keep us informed of all the different units that you cater for.

Orchard Grove PS