COVID-19 UPDATE - We are committed to implementing thorough precautions and preventions in response to Covid-19.

COVID-19 Update

Our COVID-smart policy measures.

Our commitment to keeping you safe - Term 3


*Term 3 2020 COVID-19 UPDATEAs we deliver curriculum aligned programs, our Incursions are deemed appropriate and safe within all corresponding educational COVID-19 guidelines. We are able to deliver Incursions in ALL areas of VIC, NSW and ACT. We will continue to review these guidelines regularly.

We are committed to the safety and welfare of children, school staff as well as our own staff. We are also committed to implementing thorough precautions and prevention in response to COVID-19.

We are working within government guidelines and responding appropriately to the expectations and requirements that are outlined. It is especially important to note that our team of teachers abide by each individual school's COVID-19 policies and procedures.


Why book with us?

The services that we provide have been deemed essential within government school guides. This includes the ‘Schools operations guide Term 3’ (Victoria) and 'Returning to face to face learning' (NSW). Such essential services include:

  • Student health and well-being services
  • Specialist curriculum programs

We provide these experiences in the safety of your school grounds.


Download Full Policy - Victoria

COVID - 19 Victoria COVID - 19 Victoria (241 KB)

Download Full Policy - all states except Victoria

COVID-19 Full Policy COVID-19 Full Policy (241 KB)