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Discover the importance of imaginative play through design, construction and creativity


Our Brickworks incursion incorporates design, team building and construction challenges.

Discover the benefits of imaginative play through design, construction and creativity with our huge collection of Lego. Communicating in teams, students will complete construction challenges in this STEM incursion- the end result? The creation of their own town! Using Lego with a focus can be a completely different experience to how children would usually engage with this open-ended resource.

We cater for a range of themes or topics highlighted by teachers throughout the booking process. Alternatively, we can choose a theme or let the students use their creative minds to build whatever is in their imagination.

We offer this program for all age groups; just ask us how we cater for primary and secondary!

This is a great incursion for topics such as: Communities, Design, Construction, Environments, Materials, Toys, Communication or even Imaginative Play! 

Brickworks is a STEM based incursion.


  • We will require a large unfurnished area such as a gymnasium or hall (depending on the number of students)
  • Don't forget your camera to capture the creativity!
  • Our instructor will arrive 60 minutes prior to the incursion start time to set up.
  • This session runs for 90 minutes.
  • Group sizes vary according to the incursion you are booking. Please discuss this with our helpful administration staff.
  • Student supervision by teachers is required throughout the session.
  • A 75% deposit is required to secure your booking. This is calculated on your approximate student numbers. We will then invoice you for the remaining balance after your session so that we charge you accurately for the number of students that participated in the incursion.We request both invoices be paid within 7 days of receiving them.
  • Supreme Incursions has Public Liability Insurance.
  • Please see the 'Prices' page on our website to work out how much it will cost. Please note, an extra cost may be incurred as a travel charge. Ask if this applies to your booking.



  • Links to English, Mathematics, Science, History, Geography, Visual Arts, Design & Technology, Civics & Citizenship
  • Great for Construction, Working Mathematically, Imagination, Creativity, Teamwork and more
  • Incursion features include working in small teams, completing various construction challenges, communication & imaginative play
  • This is a STEM based incursion


The variety of different activities, incorporating visual, hands on and physical engaged all students.

Camberwell South PS

Our Prep students thoroughly enjoyed their 'Making Billy Carts' session. Mark was an enthusiastic presenter and engaged the students smoothly in all activities. Thankyou for a wonderful day!

Blackburn Lake PS

Excellent incursion that all students enjoyed. Thank you!

Carlton South PS

Your teaching staff were wonderful. They were excellent with all age groups and the students were absorbed by the incursions

Scoresby PS

I had very good feedback from both pupils and teachers, and we really liked Mel, Amy, Jamie and Ryan. All grades enjoyed the activities and the slime was definitely a hit! All in all, thank you very much, we are very happy with the incursion and looking forward to seeing you again for more.

Camberwell PS

Ian was absolutely incredible!! The actual incursion was unbelievable! I have been teaching for many, many years and this is by far the best incursion/excursion ever! Every single child was highly motivated!!!

Gillian Bradley, Mont Albert PS

Fantastic once again! Classroom resources were great thank you

Bentleigh West PS

Both the staff and students thoroughly enjoyed our Build a Billy Cart incursion. It was great to see students make links to their learning in the classroom on 'Simple Machines' through the activities they completed. Thank you for a wonderful experience for our students.

Creekside K-9 College, Bianca Sciberras

All students were engaged with fun hands-on outdoor activities. The small compass was a great bonus for students. Some of my students used theirs during lunch break and had more practice at using compass. Thanks heaps!

Darul Ulum College of Victoria

Mel was fantastic at engaging and managing the students. They had a great time (as did the staff!). Thanks and we will definitely book again next year. Thanks, Clare

Mont Albert PS