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Mind and Body

Breathe, meditate and stretch your way to a calm and focused classroom!


Mind and body is all about connecting with yourself.

Healthy minds and healthy bodies lead to a greater ability to learn and grow. Research increasingly shows that equipping students with techniques to manage stress and calm their minds contributes to a more focussed and productive classroom. This incursion guides students through breathing techniques that regulate emotions and, improve concentration and energy levels, via age appropriate stories, songs and games. They will also learn basic yoga poses to increase strength, coordination and flexibility with a take home memento to encourage the continuing practice of these skills.

 Throughout this incursion students will:

  • Learn about strategies to improve their own physical strength & flexibility in new and engaging ways
  • Gain new skills to assist them with improving their concentration and focus
  • Learn how breathing and relaxation can assist them to regulate their own emotions and become more mindful
  • ALL have the opportunity to build on self-esteem and self-belief, something we know is imperative to students' academic, physical and social development
  • Benefit from building social confidence when working with their peers in a non-competitive and positive environment.

This session isn't just for the students either, our Mind & Body incursion is an excellent professional development for teachers wishing to create a calm, open, energised, inspiring and positive classroom. Skills gained from Mind & Body can help develop positive and effective approaches to classroom management.

The Mind and Body incursion can easily be tailored to suit the needs of students from Year 1 - Year 6. Modifications to the session can also be made for students with physical or learning difficulties and to suit any topic, theme, curriculum link or special event taking place at your school.


  • A gymnasium, large hall or double classroom will be required for this incursion (depending on number of students). Please clear furniture out of the students' way. If possible, a room with low lighting in a quiet area is most ideal.
  • We provide a yoga mat per student.
  • Please have your students dress comfortable for this physical incursion. We suggest tracksuit pants/shorts for all participating.
  • Our Instructor will arrive at approximately 60 minutes prior to the Incursion start time to set up.
  • This session runs for 60 minutes for Foundation to Year 6. We can modify this session to run for 45 minutes if preferred.
  • Group sizes vary according to the incursion you are booking. Please discuss this with our helpful administration staff.
  • Student supervision by Teachers is required throughout the session.
  • A 75% deposit is required to secure your booking. This is calculated on your approximate student numbers. We will then invoice you for the remaining balance after your session so that we charge you accurately for the number of students that participated in the incursion.We request both invoices be paid within 7 days of receiving them.
  • Supreme Incursions has Public Liability Insurance.
  • Please see the Price page on our website to work out how much it will cost. Please note, the only extra cost you may incur is a travel charge. Please ask if this applies to your booking.

Mind and Body


  • Links to English, Dance, Drama, Health & Physical Education
  • Great for Healthy Living, Interpersonal, Social & Emotional Learning & Mindfulness
  • Session guides students on how to use breathing techniques to regulate emotions, improve concentration and energy levels
  • Teaches basic yoga poses for increased strength, coordination and flexibility. Skills taught through age appropriate stories, songs and games


Absolutely all students were fully engaged. The Instructor was amazing and he did so well managing the students and ensuring they took out the most out of your program. THANK YOU!

Ilim College, Glenroy

All of the grade fours loved the Billy Carts incursion today! Andy was a great presenter and the students thoroughly enjoyed all of the rotations. They consolidated their learning in a fun and interactive way! I have written a blog post for my class blog about the incursion if you'd like to look at it Thanks for organising the incursion for us!

Kelly Jordan

I just wanted to give a huge shout out to Brent who came to our school earlier this week to do the Billy Cart Incursion. Brent your enthusiasm was infectious and the students absolutely loved the four experiences you set out. The majority of students had never heard of a billy cart, let alone had the opportunity to ride on one, so this was a massive thrill for them. The feedback from all of the teachers involved was positive and they noted how well you explained the ins and outs of a billy cart to the students. In addition, your detailed explanation of how each of the four stations would work allowed students a smooth transition from one activity to the next. Thanks so much, we will definitely look to use you again in the future and will spread the word where possible.

Trudy Ellmoos, Penshurst Public School

The children, myself and other staff members had a great time with the shelter incursion. I really liked the way the incursion was planned and carried out THANKS AGAIN BRENT and SUPREME INCURSIONS!

Montpellier PS

Great hands on activities ensured that all students were engaged in whatever they were doing.

Park Ridge PS

All instructors were very enthusiastic and communicated with students with confidence and expertise in their activities.

Essendon Keilor College

All the students were actively engaged. Wonderful! Easy to book. Great follow up activities online. Reliable organization and engaging activities for students. Supported our Transport studies. Thankyou!

Blackburn Lake PS

Brent was excellent and students loved it.

Turramurra PS, NSW

All students were highly engaged and really enjoyed it. Your instructor you provided was sensational and knew how to control the students.

Burwood PS

The Prep children had a fantastic session with the variety of toys. Their interaction reinforced the learning areas we were working through, such as movement, materials, texture and so on.
Thank you for an enjoyable and worthwhile session.

Knox Gardens PS