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Teams, Trials & Trivia

Challenge your students physically and mentally whilst improving leadership and teamwork skills


Teams, Trials & Trivia is an engaging and active session combining physical team building challenges and trivia question with the fun of augmented reality on our iPads. This session can be adapted to suit the age and ability level of the students involved. Within the session the students will be divided into small teams to complete their physical and mental challenges. The teams work together to score as many points for each challenge and the winning team is announced at the completion of the session. This session focuses on teamwork, communication, resilience, problems solving and leadership.

The session is suitable all year round but we highly recommend Teams, Trials & Trivia as an excellent way to start the school year or as a fun reward at the end of the year.


  • A gymnasium or large hall with access to outside space will be required for this incursion.
  • It can also be run entirely outside (weather dependent).
  • This session runs for 90 minutes.
  • Our instructor will arrive approximately 60 minutes prior to the incursion start time to set up.
  • Group sizes vary according to the incursion you are booking. Please discuss this with our helpful administration staff.
  • Student supervision by teachers is required throughout the session.
  • There are worksheets available to download from our website.
  • A 75% deposit is required to secure your booking. This is calculated on your approximate student numbers. We will then invoice you for the remaining balance after your session so that we charge you accurately for the number of students that participated in the incursion. We request both invoices be paid within 7 days of receiving them.
  • Supreme Incursions has Public Liability Insurance.
  • Please see the 'Prices' page on our website to work out how much it will cost. Please note, you may incur and extra travel charge. Please ask if this applies to your booking.

Teams, Trials & Trivia


  • Links to Health & Physical Education, English, Mathematics, Civics & Citizenship
  • Great for teamwork, cooperation, leadership, exam study and start of year bonding
  • Focus on team building skills such as trust, initiative, communication, leadership, problem-solving, establishing roles, respect and team work
  • Can be tailored to complement classroom learning and even as a revision tool


Really great, met the children's needs, developmentally appropriate and extended the children well. All children were engaged at all times which was fabtastic!

Wyndarra Children's Centre

Mel was amazing, the quality of resources and knowledge was impressive. The kids were absolutely buzzing after and we have now set up a Tinkering area in the room for the rest of the unit. Inspiring and thorough, Mel was great with managing the kids and having them engaged. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!!

Blackburn Lake PS

Mark, who ran the Billycart incursion was wonderful with the children and provided an engaging incursion for all age groups.

Carranballac College

The Incursion most definitely engaged our usually difficult to engage students, mainly because its very hands on and 'fun' for the students. I think Billy Carts was one of my own and the students favourite incursion so far. They had a fantastic time participating in the activities and riding their own Billy Carts.

Sirius College

The Prep children had a fantastic session with the variety of toys. Their interaction reinforced the learning areas we were working through, such as movement, materials, texture and so on.
Thank you for an enjoyable and worthwhile session.

Knox Gardens PS

We just had the best time, thanks Ryan and Jamie!

Oatlands PS, Carly Bourke

Mel was fantastic at engaging and managing the students. They had a great time (as did the staff!). Thanks and we will definitely book again next year. Thanks, Clare

Mont Albert PS

We were very impressed by the quality and relevance of the activities and the level of student engagement they provided. Thanks again Mark! Would happily recommended.

Wyndham Vale PS

All instructors were very enthusiastic and communicated with students with confidence and expertise in their activities.

Essendon Keilor College

The instructor had a good rapport and great class control with our staff and students. We would welcome him back anytime.

Al Sadiq College