Hear from those who have experienced a Supreme Incursion.

  • Mark did a fantastic job with our children keeping them engaged and on task. The students and other teachers have all reported back in a positive fashion.
    Thanks for a great incursion.

    St Albans PS

  • The instructor had a good rapport and great class control with our staff and students. We would welcome him back anytime.

    Al Sadiq College

  • The students were highly engaged and they were able to recall many of the learnings of the session, not just the activity. Thank you very much for re-arranging the time and being flexible.

    Angela @ St. Richard's Primary School

  • Ryan was fabulous, he engaged the students and had them excited to learn. The incursion was a great introduction into circuits and the students where buzzing with their learning back in the classroom. Thanks you!

    Antonio Park PS

  • We used the Billy Cart and Hip Hop incursions as activities for our Year 2 camp day. The kids loved it! The activities were structured, energetic and engaging. The kids slept beautifully that night at the sleep over. Big thanks to Mel and Brent- they were awesome with the kids!

    Aspendale Gardens PS

  • Ian, the instructor was extremely professional and we all enjoyed the incursion that he ran.

    Aspendale Gardens PS

  • All students listened attentively and participated fully in the activities. Amy did a terrific job as presenter. Thank you for a great day!

    Bellbridge PS

  • Fantastic once again! Classroom resources were great thank you

    Bentleigh West PS

  • Mel was amazing, the quality of resources and knowledge was impressive. The kids were absolutely buzzing after and we have now set up a Tinkering area in the room for the rest of the unit. Inspiring and thorough, Mel was great with managing the kids and having them engaged. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!!

    Blackburn Lake PS

  • Our Prep students thoroughly enjoyed their 'Making Billy Carts' session. Mark was an enthusiastic presenter and engaged the students smoothly in all activities. Thankyou for a wonderful day!

    Blackburn Lake PS

  • All the students were actively engaged. Wonderful! Easy to book. Great follow up activities online. Reliable organization and engaging activities for students. Supported our Transport studies. Thankyou!

    Blackburn Lake PS

  • All students were highly engaged and really enjoyed it. Your instructor you provided was sensational and knew how to control the students.

    Burwood PS

  • I had very good feedback from both pupils and teachers, and we really liked Mel, Amy, Jamie and Ryan. All grades enjoyed the activities and the slime was definitely a hit! All in all, thank you very much, we are very happy with the incursion and looking forward to seeing you again for more.

    Camberwell PS

  • The variety of different activities, incorporating visual, hands on and physical engaged all students.

    Camberwell South PS

  • Children enjoyed the hands-on activities and the different variety of stations provided for them. Instructions were clear for the children to understand. Very organised presentation

    Cana Catholic Primary School

  • Excellent incursion that all students enjoyed. Thank you!

    Carlton South PS

  • Mark, who ran the Billycart incursion was wonderful with the children and provided an engaging incursion for all age groups.

    Carranballac College

  • We have a couple of high energy children who were completely engaged in all of the activities. They were open ended and engaging for all abilities and interests. Everything was wonderful - I have recommended you to all of our staff. Thanks!

    Cathy Turner, Fairfield Primary School

  • Team Building  ~ This is the third year we have booked this incursion for our grade 1&2 and it was brilliant. Mel was amazing. She knew exactly how to run the session. The teachers enjoyed it as well and were able to make many interesting observations. Thanks 

    Coburg West Primary School

  • The kids loved the incursion and Ryan was very flexible which was amazing!

    Corpus Christi School, Kingsville

  • Both the staff and students thoroughly enjoyed our Build a Billy Cart incursion. It was great to see students make links to their learning in the classroom on 'Simple Machines' through the activities they completed. Thank you for a wonderful experience for our students.

    Creekside K-9 College, Bianca Sciberras

  • All students were engaged with fun hands-on outdoor activities. The small compass was a great bonus for students. Some of my students used theirs during lunch break and had more practice at using compass. Thanks heaps!

    Darul Ulum College of Victoria

  • All the students were all definitely engaged and also learnt many science facts as well. It was all handled very professionally and teachers were able to just observe without having to intervene or having to run experiments.

    Dee Bourke, Casey Grammar School

  • All Preps had a fantastic incursion with Ben last week. It was the perfect hook into our science unit. The program was engaging and at a level the prep children could follow.

    Donna Hey

  • Professional, organised, friendly, enjoyable.

    Drummoyne Public School

  • We had Year 3 and 4s attend the Mind and Body Incurison. All students have benefited from the activities and it related perfectly to our integrated unit. The teachers could not talk highly enough about the experience. We will be using Supreme Incursions again!

    Eltham East PS

  • All instructors were very enthusiastic and communicated with students with confidence and expertise in their activities.

    Essendon Keilor College

  • All students had a great time during the incursion. You guys are doing a fantastic job. Maybe to expand your incursions you should look into offering 'circus skills' or 'boot camp' style incursions.

    Feliz Cakar, Glen Waverley South Primary School

  • teachwithme_ #supremeincursionscame and delivered the goods with our #shelterbuilding incursion. Jamie was amazing and the kids absolutely loved it. Their end response was "Can we do this every week?!" they loved it - Thank you!! Recommend if you need a Geography link, fits perfectly to our curriculum.
    Instagram, Kayla Hart

    Galilee PS, South Melbourne

  • It was extremely well presented and facilitated. My class enjoyed it immensely. Melissa did an absolutely outstanding job.

    Gardenvale PS

  • Ian was absolutely incredible!! The actual incursion was unbelievable! I have been teaching for many, many years and this is by far the best incursion/excursion ever! Every single child was highly motivated!!!

    Gillian Bradley, Mont Albert PS

  • Thank you very much. Ian was fantastic with the students and made the incursion very successful. We will continue to use Supreme Incursions.

    Gisborne PS

  • Once again Supreme Incursion have provided our students with an engaging, hands on session with Silly Science. All of our Prep to Year 2 students absolutely loved it, the teachers loved it too! A very BIG thank you to Ryan for all of his expertise. :)

    Glen Huntly PS

  • Presenters were extremely good. My students were very excited and enjoyed the experience. My girls wrote about the opportunity to use a screwdriver, they loved it. Well done to everyone.

    Glenroy West PS, Denise Mendham

  • Thanks very much to Jamie. He was a great presenter. The children were fully engaged and enjoyed all aspects of the billy cart incursion.

    Hamilton North Primary School, Karen Kent

  • The program was very open and choice-based, which allowed the students to explore what they were interested in without feeling overwhelmed or disinterested. This allowed all learners to feel enjoyment and success! We had a wonderful time and will definitely use the company again! Ian - the facilitator - was incredibly organised and worked really well with the kids! When we returned to the classroom, the students enthusiastically discussed what they had learned (particularly in regards to the vinegar/bicarb soda reaction and the magnets). Thank you for an amazing day!

    Highvale PS, Tim Arendshorst

  • It was awesome. Students were so engaged. So well linked to our curriculum! WELL DONE!

    Hillsmeade PS

  • Absolutely all students were fully engaged. The Instructor was amazing and he did so well managing the students and ensuring they took out the most out of your program. THANK YOU!

    Ilim College, Glenroy

  • Thank you so much
    Our students and staff members had a fantastic time and really appreciated the exciting and positive manner that the incursion was conducted in.

    Jessica Brown

  • I just wanted to say that our incursion we took part in was fantastic and the kids absolutely loved it. They're constantly fighting over the parts that Ryan left with us. Ryan was amazing and we could not have asked for a better presentation. He was organised and aware but most importantly educational. The kids learnt lot. Thanks for your organisation and constantly providing educational experiences for our students.

    Kayla Hart

  • All of the grade fours loved the Billy Carts incursion today! Andy was a great presenter and the students thoroughly enjoyed all of the rotations. They consolidated their learning in a fun and interactive way! I have written a blog post for my class blog about the incursion if you'd like to look at it http://missjordan.global2.vic.edu.au/2014/11/21/billy-carts-incursion/ Thanks for organising the incursion for us!

    Kelly Jordan

  • We LOVED it! So relevant to our Science topic and so much fun! Andy was very professional and engaging and the kids were on a high all day. Thanks again!

    Kincoppal- Rose Bay

  • The Prep children had a fantastic session with the variety of toys. Their interaction reinforced the learning areas we were working through, such as movement, materials, texture and so on.
    Thank you for an enjoyable and worthwhile session.

    Knox Gardens PS

  • Mel who ran the incursion was engaging, detailed and provide clear instructions to all students. She was a great addition to the session

    Kororoit Creek PS

  • Teachers were extremely impressed and pleased with Ian's ability to implement many strategies, that not only helped manage the group of 50 students but also kept them engaged and excited about exploring each 'land'. He explained each task wonderfully and provided background knowledge for students to think about. We couldn't have been happier with how the day turned out. Job well done, indeed! Thank you for a wonderful day! The students and teachers loved the incursion. Everything was well organised and well present. This incursion was a great introduction to our inquiry unit, how things move. Ian was also excellent! Thank-you! We have also enjoyed sharing the different stories told about the history of toys with each other.

    Lalor North PS

  • My team and I were thrill with the incursion. Brent was very good with the kids and had great knowledge of the experiments and the science behind it. The students are still talking about it! Thank you so much!

    Manor Lakes P-12 College

  • The Incursion engaged our typically difficult to engage students, especially our students with Autism, ODD, ADD and ADHD. It was a wonderful incursion which left all our students with smiles on their faces. Thank you for a wonderful day!

    McCallums Hill PS, Vanessa

  • I am continuously amazed by the commitment, engagement and presentation by the talented staff and leaders of Supreme Incursions. The leaders present with an extremely high level of interest for the children's participation - they always want to have the best experience possible. The combination of having a learning experience as well as a fun time is very well balanced.

    Michella Pradel

  • Today we had Amy come to do the Billy Cart program. Our Year 4 students loved it and were totally engaged. Amy was fantastic with the kids and highly organized. Thank you!

    Michelle Fernandez

  • Mel was fantastic at engaging and managing the students. They had a great time (as did the staff!). Thanks and we will definitely book again next year. Thanks, Clare

    Mont Albert PS

  • The children, myself and other staff members had a great time with the shelter incursion. I really liked the way the incursion was planned and carried out THANKS AGAIN BRENT and SUPREME INCURSIONS!

    Montpellier PS

  • Brent was a fantastic incursion coach today. All of our teachers reported he was enthusiastic and responsive to our students. He explained things really well and created a really enjoyable and engaging day for our students. They loved the day. Thank you!

    Nulkaba PS

  • The students loved Brent's presentations. They were thrilled to see him a second time ( 1st time 2 months ago). Not only did he keep the activities and presentation interesting, he also built rapport with the children and even remembered student names from last incursion.

    Oakleigh PS

  • We just had the best time, thanks Ryan and Jamie!

    Oatlands PS, Carly Bourke

  • The Instructor was great with the children! He really excited them about the science and also with the creative arts. The children were very engaged in the activities and had lots of fun. Was a great way to finish our term :) Thank you.


  • Love this company! Always hands on for the kids and directed at their level. They have so much fun but also learn to create and collaborate. Thanks Ryan for another great visit. Please keep us informed of all the different units that you cater for.

    Orchard Grove PS

  • Great hands on activities ensured that all students were engaged in whatever they were doing.

    Park Ridge PS

  • Tinkering was a brilliant incursion! Will be booking more incursions with you for next year :-)

    Parktone PS

  • Jamie and Mark did a fantastic job and the kids loved it! We will be booking again in the future! Thanks

    Perri Randall, Mont Albert PS

  • Thanks to Mel for being such a wonderful teacher throughout our sessions. The students loved the experience and I had parents telling me this morning about the precious crystals their children had brought home and how special they were to them! It's great to know that they will remember the experience and have a vice to use to bring them happy thoughts in times of sadness/anger! Thanks again guys, hopefully we will have a unit next year that will be enhanced by one of your programs again.

    Ringwood Heights PS

  • Your teaching staff were wonderful. They were excellent with all age groups and the students were absorbed by the incursions

    Scoresby PS

  • Just wanted to let everyone know how amazed I was with this incursion! It was run by Brent from supreme incursions. He ran an orienteering activity using compasses and a treasure hunt type thing. This was the first time all children have actively participated in an incursion and thoroughly enjoyed it. Brent was so good with the children, he was kind to them and could relate to them well. It was seriously the best incursion we've had to date, and I'm sure all the children would say the same! Can't wait to have Supreme Incursions back next time for another fun day! Thanks! -Shari Milgate Vacation
    Care Coordinator

    Shari Scholes-Miller

  • The Incursion most definitely engaged our usually difficult to engage students, mainly because its very hands on and 'fun' for the students. I think Billy Carts was one of my own and the students favourite incursion so far. They had a fantastic time participating in the activities and riding their own Billy Carts.

    Sirius College

  • Thank you! Another fantastic experience for our students.

    St Anthony's PS

  • The Incurion was perfect for our students!

    St Catherine of Siena

  • Mel was amazing, as was Megan in the office. Everyone was so accommodating and easy to work with. Thank you so much.

    St Christopher's PS

  • It engaged all students for the entire 1.5 hours. Ryan was excellent. Had the kids engaged and controlled. Have already passed on details to leadership.
    Thanks again.

    St George Preca

  • Thank you Brent for your organisation and enthusiasm with our Billy Carts incursion. Our students had a fantastic time and loved the hands on activities you provided.

    St Kevins PS, Hampton Park

  • Absolutely. We were amazed at how well the students participated in the three activities we chose for the day, especially the Hip Hop session. We had a fabulous day. Melissa was wonderful with the kids. It was great to join in with the activities. We would have you guys back in a flash. Thanks for an amazing experience.

    St Margaret Mary's

  • I have been using Supreme incursions for around 7 years. The incursions we have had have been well organized,engaging and show the links with Curriculum areas. Ryan has been a familiar face at St Michaels with the Biily cart and Orienteering incursion. His manner and expertise is outstanding, and his management of the students is extremely effective. Thanks again for another memorable incursion.

    St Michael's PS, Ashburton

  • A huge thank you to Ian from the teachers and students of St Peters!! Ian was informative, engaging and provided the students with some fantastic hands on experiences. We were very impressed with how he catered each activity to the level and needs of our students. Great work Ian!

    St Peter's PS, Keilor East

  • Just a quick note to say how fantastic Ben was yesterday at running the Making Recycled Instruments incursion at St Theresa's.
    The kids were so engaged and the content and discussion has acted as a springboard for them to take into further learning.
    Thanks once again!
    The 1/2 Team at St Theresa's

    St Theresa's PS, Albion. VIC

  • Ryan was great! The incursion ran smoothly and the children absolutely loved exploring the science experiments! The biggest difference between Supreme Incursions and the rest, is that it's quite clear that the instructors are teachers and know how to talk with and interact with children! Will have you again any time!

    St Theresa's, Albion

  • It was a very engaging experience for our students, particularly those students typically difficult to engage.

    St. Mary's Dandenong

  • All the students loved the activities, and staff enjoyed seeing different strengths emerge from individuals that don't always appear inside a classroomcontext. A few students found the team building activities challenging, but the staff managed it all really well, and students stepped through someof their issues/mindsets to then experience team in its many different forms. It was excellent. We really liked how a few 'camp twists' were includedin the Team Building activities (the race at the end), and also how some tasks were further altered as the students are at the end of Grade 2 (theblock/swamp activity). All staff at Supreme Incursions are terrific to work with, and your approach and enthusiasm makes the entire process from start to finish, smooth and enjoyablefor all involved. Thank you for a brilliant two days.

    Sydenham Hillside Primary School

  • Being active in the learning process enabled students to understand.

    Taylors Hill PS

  • I just wanted to give a huge shout out to Brent who came to our school earlier this week to do the Billy Cart Incursion. Brent your enthusiasm was infectious and the students absolutely loved the four experiences you set out. The majority of students had never heard of a billy cart, let alone had the opportunity to ride on one, so this was a massive thrill for them. The feedback from all of the teachers involved was positive and they noted how well you explained the ins and outs of a billy cart to the students. In addition, your detailed explanation of how each of the four stations would work allowed students a smooth transition from one activity to the next. Thanks so much, we will definitely look to use you again in the future and will spread the word where possible.

    Trudy Ellmoos, Penshurst Public School

  • Brent was excellent and students loved it.

    Turramurra PS, NSW

  • The students were very engaged with both activities, they were enjoyed moving around and being interactive with their peers. Both Mel and Jamie were very professional, friendly and helpful. The students had a great day - thank you.

    Williamstown North PS

  • Really great, met the children's needs, developmentally appropriate and extended the children well. All children were engaged at all times which was fabtastic!

    Wyndarra Children's Centre

  • We were very impressed by the quality and relevance of the activities and the level of student engagement they provided. Thanks again Mark! Would happily recommended.

    Wyndham Vale PS