About Us - Supreme Incursions
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Who we are

Our Vision

Fostering tomorrow’s thought leaders through innovative and
inspiring real-life exploration.

Our Mission

To professionally deliver the most engaging, inspiring and hands-on
educational experiences in VIC.

Our Goals

To meet the diverse learning and development needs of every child.
To align curriculum requirements with evidence-based methodologies.
To partner with leading companies to innovate and design new and engaging experiences.
To facilitate teacher professional development that improves classroom performance.
To consistently apply high quality systems and processes right across the organisation.
To be an employer of choice that recognises that our teachers are our best asset.

Engaging. Educational. Hands-On. A clear goal from day one.

Like all teachers, we cherish the opportunity to teach in creative & inspiring ways.

It’s in witnessing that lightbulb moment, when a child excitedly understands & applies what they are learning, that best captures why we do what we do.

As school teachers, we recognised the difficulties in providing hands-on learning opportunities; lack of time, existing frameworks and differing views on educational priorities (to name a few).  For us, convincing colleagues that  ‘hands-on learning’ was essential was the first hurdle. And so it was, as two school teachers building Billy Carts in class many years ago, that we had our lightbulb moment.

“Covering multiple curriculum areas, students diligently applied & effortlessly retained new concepts. Student engagement increased!”

It was incredible….and it was happening right before our eyes.

We knew that we needed to share this approach with as many schools & teachers as possible.

So that’s how in 2008, Supreme Incursions was born; two teachers, one vision & one tiny car full of billy cart parts. Since then, Supreme Incursions has become a holistic education service now providing a diverse range of incursions, holiday programs & teacher professional development that bring the curriculum to life.

We believe our success lies in our relationships:

-With those who enjoy working with us, in the spirit of teaching.

-With students who welcome real-life exploration.

-Our team… We draw inspiration and energy from each other, and we love what we do.

Today, Supreme Incursions operates across Victoria. Our approach is adapted, differentiated & inclusive of the diversity within the communities we visit. Every year, we deliver thousands of incursions & holiday programs, but we have always kept our values close to our hearts despite this growth.  Our dedicated teachers are as passionate as ever about delivering on our original goal…

Engaging & Educating Kids Through Hands-On Learning!