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Positive Classroom Culture

Make 2024 the year of Calmness and Collaboration.

We help teach strategies to students and teachers around focus, communication, emotional regulation and problem solving.

Choose one of our innovative, hands on programs to help set the tone for a successful year.

Students will find themselves in unfamiliar and challenging, yet safe and rewarding scenarios that allow them to build their social, behavioural and leadership skills.

Our incursions are tailored around your curriculum focus, and are modified for different year levels and abilities… there is something for everyone!

Students build confidence, friendships and understand your expectations from day one.

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Looking for an innovative and unique way to teach your curriculum?
Choose one of our 13 innovative programs that will guarantee student engagement through real life learning.

Engaging, professional and encouraging.

The variety of experiments and hands on experiences was fantastic!

- Keilor Heights Primary School

Such a valuable experience.

The children loved learning while playing with all the toys! The experience of playing with such a wide range of toys is something we can’t replicate at school and is so valuable!

- Wesley College

The students loved having a hands on experience!

Thanks for teaching us all about the different forms of energy and forces. The students loved having a hands on experience!

- OneSchool Global, Berwick

Kids were very engaged

Fantastic! The kids were very engaged. Would definitely recommend!

- Resurrection Primary School

Kids were engaged the entire time.

Our students were very engaged. It was lots of fun, and the program aligned with our current focus on force.

- St Bernadette's Primary School