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Reducing teacher workload and consolidating learning

Supreme Incursions package options are an excellent choice for teachers wanting to extend on key learning areas and curriculum units in ways that reinforce and maximise positive student learning outcomes. 

By applying student centered and hands-on learning approaches, and using the most up to date and innovative equipment, our package options inspire student exploration and consolidate learning to create unforgettable memories.

Supreme Incursions have 4 package options to choose from to compliment your lesson planning, teaching and assessment for the term. Uniquely refined with you the classroom teacher, each package is tailored to best meet the needs of your students, thereby improving student focus, problem-solving and resilience. 

By taking a collaborative planning approach, these incursion package options help reduce teacher workload. Their increasing popularity means they book out quickly, so apply now to secure your spot!

Let Supreme Incursions experienced and qualified teachers assist you in sparking your students’ love of learning.

More package options

Your experience within a package is completely unique. We will select activities within a package that best suit current learning focuses and student needs.

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Recommended for 3-9

Outdoor Adventure

Available in

With a focus on the outdoors, children rotate through 3 unforgettable incursions including Shelter Building, Billy Carts and Orienteering during their school day. Learn more about this package here.

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Recommended for F-9


Available in

STEAM Ahead is a comprehensive Science, Technology, Engineering,. Art and Mathematics package. This educational experience provides students with the opportunity to move across a range of Science and Design disciplines.

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Recommended for F-12

Get Social

Available in

Get Social is a thought-provoking and reflective package that encourages students to focus on building their communicative, empathic and resilience skills through a series of fun-filled activities.

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Recommended for F-9

Build Your Own

Available in

Build your own Onsite Adventure by selecting 3 of our 12 incursions on offer and tailor your school camp alternative to your curriculum focus. Learn more about our Pick N Mix package here.

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Recommended for F-12

Let’s Dance

Available in

Our qualified and experienced dance teachers will apply positive reinforcing teaching approaches to encourage students to step out of their comfort zone and have a go.

Important Things to Know

Regardless of the package and timeline you choose, all Supreme Incursions package options:

  • Are designed to make hands-on teaching and key learning area
    assessment easy.
  • Use lesson planning that is tailored in close collaboration with
  • Are student-centred, adaptive and differentiated to meet the needs
    of your students.
  • Include free innovative resource packs to extend on student
    learning between visits.
  • Are structured to rotate through a range of activities over as many
    days as you need.
  • Are safe, cost effective and conducted within the confines of your
    school grounds.
  • Meet State and National curriculum standards.

What You Can Expect

From the point of initial contact, our experienced and qualified teachers will work with you to:

  • Understand your key learning areas
    Structure adaptive and differentiated lesson plans
  • Provide comprehensive summaries to ensure your
    classroom needs are met, and,
  • Deliver inspiring learning activities that create
    exploratory, real life and memorable experiences.
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