Nüdel Rover - Supreme Incursions

Loose Parts Play Carts

For STEM, Creativity and 21st Century Skill Development

Nüdel creates deconstructable, mobile play carts that can transform any space into a creative, loose parts, play space for 3-12 year olds. Nüdel Rover, our more compact, transportable version of the original Nüdel Kart for small groups at a more affordable price.

  • ✓ STEM and 21st Century skills
  • ✓ Self regulation and growth mindset
  • ✓ Creative, unstructured play
  • ✓ Primary School and Early Learning
  • ✓ Playground equipment extension
  • ✓ Indoor and outdoor
  • ✓​ Durable, kid-safe, versatile​
  • ​✓​ First principles thinking



See it in action

Nüdel advantages: "Best in class"

Safety Accredited. Teacher Approved. Loved by Children

Inclusive Play ​All abilities, children adapt carts to develop their skills.
Deep Engagement Hours of play and learning with infinite possibilities.
All Year Levels ​Ideal for ages 3-12 ​Small group and large group options available.
Child Safe Designed & independently tested to strict international standards. Natural and non-toxic materials.
One Teacher ​Up to 8 children supervised stress free with one facilitator.
Fully Supported Training manual linked to curriculum. You tube videos and additional training available.
Versatile For use across the curriculum, and in the playground. Spaces big and small, indoors and outdoors.
Simple to Use Mobile and compact. ​​Easily packed up by children within minutes.

Other features

  • Over 140 loose parts
  • Comes with a teacher training manual
  • With proper maintenance the Nüdel resources are designed to last for years


  • Flat packed – assembly required
  • Extremely compact and can fit through standard doorways, in closets and hallways
  • 72.5cm x 55cm x 91.8cm LxWxH

Important information

  • Children 3-12 years.
  • Maximum weight restrictions are 100kg unless otherwise marked.
  • Must always be used under educator supervision.
  • Suitable for classroom, early learning centre or for an OT/Allied health professional (not for at home use).

WARNING: The Nüdel Rover can be configured in many ways, children may create configurations that could cause injury. Continuous adult supervision is required to assess the child’s competence, the safety of the configurations and whether the child needs support or assistance.

The required support will be different for different ages and different levels of development.

The following guidelines are suggested:
1-3 years – adult assembly of configurations and continuous adult engagement and support
3-6 years – adult supported assembly of configurations and continuous adult supervision
6-12 years  – Continuous adult supervision

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