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Onsite Adventures- A school camp alternative

As school camps and excursions close, the fun, adventure and collaboration should not stop.

We have the solution! – Pre-packaged options for days of unforgettable memories.

Students will rotate through personalised activities over as many days as you need. Students will problem-solve, build resilience and get out of their comfort zones (just to name a few).

To support COVID-19 regulations, we can also deliver sessions one class at a time at no additional cost. Our sessions are safe and cost-effective. We have 11+ year of Incursion experience, we are a team of qualified engaging teachers and we are the leaders in our field.  Simply provide us with your requirements and we will organise everything!

Check out our packages or let us customise something unique for you.


Available in: ACT, NSW, VIC

The perfect combination of self-discovery, confidence-building, and collaboration. Students get out of their comfort zone within an epic dance workshop.

Students will then enjoy mindfulness and fun exercise games in our Mind and Body Incursion. They will practice breathing techniques and look at the impact of mindfulness on their emotions and resilience.

Finally, enjoy some problem solving and resilience building as students work together to support each other to achieve specific goals such as ‘getting your team to safety’

Support and empathy are important as students encourage each other to not give up. A strong sense of community is felt on what is a fun-filled and memorable day.


Available in: ACT, NSW, VIC

Get the real adventure experience. Students will build shelters to withstand the harshest elements whilst working within their teams to meet specific requirements such as locations, cost and necessities.

Later, they will navigate around their school grounds in teams, using compasses, cryptic clues, and augmented reality as they aim to outplay their opposing teams. 

Finally, its problem-solving time, with a whole range of challenges that students collaboratively try to solve such as ‘island hopping’ the ‘Meteorite Mission’ and more.

Adventure day/s will be energetic, engaging and a great opportunity to get outside and enjoy nature.


Available in: ACT, NSW, VIC

Customise your 1 – 2 day adventure to suit your current learning focuses. And remember, we will organise everything else. 

Choose from over 13 different programs including;



-Team Building

-Billy Carts

-Shelter Building


-And many more…

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