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Operation re-engage

Imagine having a qualified-teacher helper for 4 weeks, helping you bring your planning to life. That’s what we do!

We support planning, teaching and assessment, providing tailored, hands-on sessions that inspire and re-energise both teachers and students. After each session, use your free activity pack to extend students learning, until our next visit.

Our packages are designed to make hands-on teaching easy, as we focus on what you and your students need. We get your pain points because we are teachers too. We know that assessments and workloads are through the roof, and we want to help.

Whether you are looking to re-engage students, catch them up to speed, or have yourself some stress-free relief time (we are VIT registered so ask us about this!), do so in a special and unique way:

  • Tailored activites to suit your unit outcomes
  • 90 minute sessions
  • 4 day intensive or over 4 weeks. You Decide! 
  • Hands-on curriculum activites provided between visits

We will deliver 4 real life experiences that compliment your planning. These packages help students better understand concepts and provide the practical application that many learners need.

Increase focus, build resilience or give students some real-life STEAM experiences.

For more information fill out the short form and we will contact you via email. 

Available in: VIC

Focus can be difficult for many children. Explore emotions and self-regulation using a practical and holistic approach. Our activities suit all personalities as we combine mindfulness techniques with games, fitness challenges, dance and fun problem-solving tasks. Empower children to be resilient, calm, supportive and focused.

The hands-on fun includes:

Active bodies and feeling great

Breathing techniques

-Focusing the mind

-Emotions and self-regulation

-Confidence building through dance

-Collaborative resilience challenges

Available in: NSW, VIC

Isolation and home schooling is behind us, but it’s impact remains. Refocus on essential social skills with innovative problem-solving challenges. An energetic and dynamic approach to effective teamwork. Trial and error, self reflection, making mistakes and laughter will be encouraged.

The hands-on fun includes:

-Resilience and perseverance

-Positive, effective communication

-Balance and physical support

-Listening and helping others

-Leadership and trust

-Getting along and sharing

Available in: NSW, VIC

Catch up or STEAM ahead. Open ended, tactile activities allow students to improve and extend on their knowledge. We provide unique experiences for children as they develop new passions and interests. We support time poor teachers with planning, providing specialist support and inspiration.

The hands-on fun includes:

-Maths in orienteering

-Circuits and electricity

-Mapping and using a compass

-Forces and construction with Billy Carts

-Building shelters and the environment

-Science exploration and experiments

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