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Science Class Packs

Make teaching science a breeze. Endless experiments with easy to follow, hands on resources.

‘A science incursion in a box’


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Perfect for anyone who is looking for inspiring and innovative science ideas throughout their cohort.

A unique and much needed approach for the time-poor teacher and their team.

Reduce screen time, increase collaboration and take your science lessons to the next level. Bringing your topics to life, this ‘Incursion in a box’ includes everything that you need to teach experiment after experiment in a hands on and engaging way.

Adapted for all primary ages, our experiments have easy-to-follow resources, scientific terminology/support and measured ingredients.

 This pack also includes engaging QR student videos for every experiment! Which is sure to keep them following along. Extension ideas are also provided for students that require further challenge.

As teachers, we understand that planning can be all-consuming. We juggle subject knowledge, engagement, differentiation, assessments AND more. Sometimes we lack the confidence or time to develop quality resources and great lessons.

That’s why we’ve provided all the information that you need to support class discussions and even a video guide on how to use the pack! Bring the fun back to your classroom, enjoy more time with your students and develop your subject knowledge along the way.

Oh and don’t forget to bring your teaching team and their classes on board too!


Curriculum links include;

  • Chemical reactions
  • Chemical changes
  • ‘Everyday objects and their properties
  • Solids, Liquids and Gasses
  • Pressure
  • The impact of UV lights
  • Simple circuits

Each pack serves up to 30 students. Experiments are a variety of independent, group and teacher-led.

This pack includes:

  • 36 Sun print sheets
  • 1 litre of string slime liquid
  • 1 packet of slime activating powder
  • 6 chemical reacting rockets! (Group activity)
  • Hydrophobic sand for the class
  • Snow polymers for the class
  • 30g of expanding water beads for the class (expand x 100 in size)
  • 1 tornado tube (teacher demonstration)
  • 1kg Play dough for circuits
  • 36 LED lights for play dough circuits
  • 6 x 9 Vault Batteries
  • 12 pair x alligator clips for circuit group work
  • 1 cartesian diver (teacher demonstration)
  • 30 x pipettes
  • 1 bottle of vinegar
  • 1 box of bicarbonate soda
  • 3 x Food dye
  • 1 large packet of skewers
  • 1 packet of toothpicks
  • 1 x 380g large packet of skittles (for dissolving experiment)
  • string, peg, elastic bands
  • large packet of straws
  • 30 x balloons
  • 24 + experiment ideas!
  • Resources with paired videos (QR codes)
  • Easy to follow steps and scientific information
  • Bonus experiment resources

Engage with your students in a fun and safe way, gain professional development and remind yourself of why you became a teacher!

Spark a love for science and bring out your students’ inner scientists.

Why buy a Supreme Incursions Science Class Pack?

100% Aussie Owned
Curriculum aligned
Easy to follow
Shipped Australia Wide
Unmatched customer satisfaction
Free Extras Included


Every experiment has a paired resource!

Every resource has a QR code, providing interactive videos for students.

A helpful list of everyday items for your students to collect and experiment with.

A mixture of student-led activities, group tasks and teacher-led activities.

A video to explain how the pack works.


Bonus resources and materials to spark even more ideas!

Curriculum links include chemical reactions/chemical changes, forces, pressure, the impact of UV lights and more!

Encourage students to recycle everyday objects and materials and turn them into epic experiments.

Scientific information supporting teacher lead discussions.

Important Information

Suitable for Ages 6 +.

Pack serves up to 30 students.

Children require adult supervision.

Items included are not toys – Students must be under teacher supervision at all times.

*Some items may vary slightly due to shipment, but all experiments are included.


35 in stock

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