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Free Downloadable Resources

Get inspired! Find a heap of resources for you to download and try out in your classroom.

You’ll find the curriculum links, easy to follow steps, an instructional video and Science explanations all in one place… Our aim is to make your life a little easier!

Creating Individual Education Plans

Utilise this template when individualising Education plans for your students.

Developing Comprehension Questions

Need reading comprehension questions ASAP? It can be this easy!

Creating Unit Planners

Getting started on a unit planner has never been so easy!

Creating Quizzes

Don’t spend hours creating quizzes… check this out!

Differentiating Reading

An easy hack to differentiate paragraphs for all student needs!

Utilising Resources

Stuck on how to use resources in your classroom in different ways?

Milk Art

Check out the Science behind this colourful experiment!

Polymer Snow

There’s more than meets the eye when it comes to polymer snow!

Soap Boat

Send your boat speeding across the water using just dish soap!

Magic Starfish

Learn this awesome magic Science trick!

Conductive Playdough

Make your very own conductive playdough!

Rubber Band Car

Make your own rubber band car using materials from your cupboard.

Playdough Circuit

Who would have thought you can create a circuit… with playdough!

Skittles Rainbow

Create a rainbow of colour with Skittles and water.

Fireproof Balloon

Discover how water inside a balloon can absorb the heat of a flame.

Pressure Car

This is a great hands-on activity for observing how air pressure can push objects.