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School Incursions FAQ

Session duration and structure

Most Incursions run for 90 minutes. ‘Mind and Body’ and both our dance incursions run for 60 minutes.

You provide your bell times, and we will structure incursions around this. If your bell times are unusual, don’t worry, we are experienced in this situation and we have solutions.

The maximum number of students is listed on each independent incursion page.This number varies between incursions, best suiting the needs of that incursion.

We can return over multiple days, provide multiple instructors,  or run sessions simultaneously. We can work through these options with you.

Yes, we offer incursion packages! Find out more here.

Yes! Our team of teachers and large range of incursions allow for this. Booking two-three incursions in one day makes for an extra special experience.  Click here to learn more, or give us a call.

During ‘normal’ bookings, we provide one qualified teacher. Our teachers are experienced and we are confident in their abilities. You can purchase a second instructor if you feel that it is necessary.

Yes. Multiple instructors will be required in these circumstances. There is a limit to this number, but we are happy to work with you on meeting your needs.

On the day of the incursion

Our instructors will arrive 1 hour before your incursion start time to set up.

Roughly one hour.

We can meet you at the office to sign in 1 hour prior to your incursion. If you are in class, please ensure that someone is able to take us to the required space.

Parking: We have a lot of equipment. Onsite access, or very close access to your hall/gym is greatly appreciated.

Focus: We love to chat with you about your focus when we arrive, so that we can meet your students’ learning needs. Please also provide a detailed focus when making the booking.

What else? The specific requirements for each incursion can be found at the bottom of each corresponding incursion page.

Costings and T’s and C’s

You will find the pricing on each incursion/program page.

The minimum school booking is $605 + GST.

No. We will not charge more if the second day is due to student numbers exceeding our maximum capacity. Some travel charges may apply.

We cover the first 30km in each direction from the CDB. After that we charge a minimum amount to cover fuel. Please call us to get a quote specific to your needs.

A 75% deposit must be made 7 days from the date the booking is made. If a booking is cancelled with little notice and no deposit, we still pay our teachers. That date has also been unavailable to other schools.

We require a hall for all incursions except shelter building. If you have booked ‘Shelter Building’, or have no available hall, we will ask you to pick a ‘back up’ incursion.

If you have less students on the day than you expected, just let us know and we will amend the final invoice accordingly.

– Cancellations 8 to 14 days prior to the incursion will be charged at 50% of total invoice amount

– Cancellations 3 to 7 days prior to the incursion will be charged at 75% of total invoice amount

– Cancellation 48 hours prior to the incursion will be charged at the full invoiced amount.

For full details around our terms on conditions please contact us.

Set up and space requirements

Each incursion’s requirements are listed at the bottom of the corresponding incursion page. Most require an empty hall. Many require tables.

Most incursions require tables. The preferred quantity is listed at the bottom of the corresponding incursion page. We bring everything else.

Delivering an incursion in a classroom does impact the student experience. If you do not have a hall, we will of course work with you to find a suitable alternative space.

Teacher involvement

Yes. Unless you have booked ‘PPD cover’.

Yes. As NESA or VIT registered teachers, we can provide PPD relief for Professional practice days. We provide engaging activities for your class, while you take some time out to plan. Check out this link for more information.

Locations and types of schools

We deliver incursions in Victoria, NSW and the ACT. We ship Billy Cart kits Internationally.

Yes. Our incursions know no geographic limits. We are passionate about providing ALL students with these engaging opportunities.

Yes. Our incursions are available for specialist schools and Schools for Specific Purposes. We have tailored a range of incursions to best suit varying needs. We have experienced teachers, and we understand that every school is different. We recommend calling us, so that we can best suit student needs.


We work with you to tailor our sessions to whatever the students are learning about. You provide the detail and we make it happen. If you cannot find the curriculum links that you need, give us a call, we are here to help.

Yes we do! As qualified, experienced teachers we love sharing our hands-on, innovative ideas. We can also provide teachers with fun team building opportunities. Find out more here.

Yes, we have lots of great free resources available here. If you cannot find what you need, please let us know.

Our Services

Yes. We provide OSH programs and incursions during school ‘sleepovers’.

Yes. We have much experience in providing activities for such events. Give us a call to chat about what you need.

No, unfortunately not. Birthdays are not our thing. We do not run shows, as everything we do is interactive and hands-on. Let us know what you are looking for and we can point you in the right direction.

Risk assessments and health & safety

Yes. We carry these on us at all times, and they will be presented on arrival at the school office.

We are reliable yet responsible. If our instructor shows any symptoms of sickness, we will provide you with a different instructor. We plan for these circumstances so that your students are not let down.

All incursion risk assessments can be found at the bottom of our website under the ‘RISK ASSESSMENT’ link.