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Recommended for K-4

Crazy Chemicals

Bring out your student’s inner Scientist by conducting experiments, testing hypotheses and observing the chemical reactions of various solids, liquids and gases.

Foster scientific inquiry with innovative chemistry & physical science class activities.

In this 90-minute voyage of discovery, students explore basic chemical reactions and correctly describe fundamental changes in matter. Students will be divided into groups and sent on a rotation of exciting hands-on science activities to promote critical thinking exploring a range of chemical reactions and change processes. Students will be challenged to make their predictions and observations with terminology, keywords and equipment differentiated to match each year level.

By adjusting this incursion to suit your focus needs, our qualified teachers will guide all students through each learning activity, prompting them to predict, investigate, communicate and reflect along the way.

Scope of Learning Outcomes

Together we’ll select the learning outcomes that best suit class abilities and curriculum requirements. Examples include;

  • Identify and describe the various properties and behaviour of solids, liquids and gases.
  • Analyse and describe the differences between chemical reactions and changes in physical properties.
  • Understand and apply basic laboratory procedures & practices of measurement, accuracy & equipment use.
  • Application of scientific methodology and terminology
  • Communicate and discuss various observations and make conclusions.


  • Discuss prior knowledge of various chemicals and the behaviour of solids, liquids and gases.
  • Conduct various chemical experiments and observe key changes using sensory play and exploration.
  • Document changing elemental states using newly learnt scientific terminology.
  • Observe magnetism, virtual and augmented reality, the properties of different materials and how solar energy acts as a catalyst for chemical change.
  • Implement basic principles and processes of scientific methodology.

Incursion Information & Requirements

  • Duration – 90 minutes. This will be structured around your bell times.
  • Group size – 35 students maximum per session (approximately).
  • Space requirements – An unfurnished hall is required for this incursion.
  • Equipment requirements – 8 trestle tables (or the equivalent) is ideal.
  • Booking requirements – A minimum of 75% deposit is required within 7 days of booking the incursion.
  • Setup time – We will arrive one hour before the start time to set up.
  • Teacher presence – Teachers must be present during the session.

Curriculum Links

Our qualified teachers have designed all incursions to be adaptive and differentiated so that each learning outcome aligns with Victorian, New South Wales and Australian Curriculum requirements.

Cannot See Your Focus Links?

Should your curriculum or key learning area not be listed here, please give us a call. One of our qualified teachers would be happy to make the adjustments required to meet your needs.

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Suitable for years F/K-4

Pricing (Inc. materials)

1-35 students = $605 + gst (1 session)

36-50 students = $720 + gst (2 sessions)

51- 60 students = $14.50 per student

61+ students = Contact us

Additional teachers or larger groups?

If you would like larger group sizes or additional support for key students, ask us how!


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Important Information

A large unfurnished gymnasium or hall is required for this Incursion
40 students maximum per session (approximately)
A minimum 75% deposit must be made 7 days from the date of booking for your incursion to go ahead.
Our instructor will arrive an hour before your start time to set up
We will structure the sessions around your school timetable
You will be invoiced in accordance to your normal student numbers.
This session runs for 90 minutes.
Teachers must be present during the session
Please let us know if there are any variations on the day and we will amend the invoice accordingly.


Al Sadiq College

The instructor had a good rapport and great class control with our staff and students. We would welcome him back anytime.

Alphington Primary School

Ryan was terrific, had all of the kids engaged. There were cries from the kids at the end ‘that it was the best excursion ever’.

Camberwell South PS

The variety of different activities, incorporating visual, hands on and physical engaged all students.

Why book with us

At Supreme Incursions, we believe that the key to optimising student engagement and learning outcomes is through hands-on learning experiences that are:

Engaging Our incursions are formative and student centred, connecting prior learning with real life exploration.
Professional Our specialist teachers provide high quality adapted and differentiated services that students and teachers enjoy beyond the classroom.
Innovative We help create inclusive learning environments that are outcomes focused and tailored to the needs of each school, classroom, teacher and student.
Passionate Our qualified teachers provide experiential incursions that are fun and curriculum aligned across Victoria, New South Wales and the ACT.
Inspiring We encourage creative and critical thinking skill development with a mission to inspire the thought leaders of tomorrow.
Quality Our curriculum aligned, hands on educational incursions cover multiple subjects and are for children of all ages and walks of life.